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Importantes Information About Our Renovation Services

What is the usual delivery time?

3 to 4 weeks for windows, 4 weeks for kitchens.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, with 3 different institutions to maximize your chances of being accepted for credit.

What's the price range for a standard kitchen?

A standard kitchen does not exist. However, we can guarantee you competitive prices for design and a personalized service.

Do you have pre-established standard measures?

Whether it's for doors, windows or kitchens, everything we produce is customized according to your needs. There are no extra charges for "non-standard" measures.

Are installation charges extra?

The decision to install doors, windows and kitchen is entirely yours. We offer a turnkey service. However, if you want to install them by yourself, this choice is possible. It all depends on the option chosen; the price will be arranged accordingly.

Is it possible to buy only the cabinet doors (without the box)?

Of course. We manufacture wooden doors and distribute thermoplastic and polyester doors. We guarantee you'll find the right product at a great price.

Do you sell mirrors?

Our specialty is not selling mirrors. We can incorporate them into our kitchens and we have suppliers for this type of product. If you are only looking for mirrors, I would recommend finding a manufacturer.

What are the price differences between wood veneer and melamine?

Good question: it's impossible to answer. There are different price ranges for wood veneers (walnut veneer is more expensive than oak veneer, for example). There are also several types of melamine. Melamine production has changed over the past 20 years. We supply beautiful melamine and their costs are much higher than simple coloured melamine. Come to our showroom to discover our options and we can provide a product that meets your budget.

Is it possible to repaint thermoplastic cabinets?

Yes, it is possible, but it is not recommended. We do not do this work.

Can we mount our own vanity?

All modules by Doco Entreprises are assembled furniture.

Must the installation be done by your company?

See the answer on installation charges.

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