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Whether you're dealing with excessive moisture in your house or you need advice on how to properly clean your windows or steel doors, Doco Enterprises will provide you with useful advice to help you maintain your home in excellent condition.

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The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows (French Only)

Doco Enterprises gives you some tips and advice to help you choose your energy-efficient windows wisely. For an absolute comfort, read our recommendations now.

Maintenance of steel doors

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Steel doors require very little maintenance. It is still highly recommended to coat the hinges with grease once a year (in the fall) or with silicone spray twice a year.

Moisture problems?

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Here is some advice to deal with moisture problems in your home:

  • Avoid drying clothes indoors during the winter months
  • Use a fan when bathing or showering
  • Use a humidifier only if necessary
  • Release the hot, humid air from the dryer outside of your home
  • Avoid drying firewood inside the house
  • Create drafts
  • Use ventilation systems with heat recovery

Window cleaning

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To maintain your windows in good condition, here are some essential tips:

  • Check the joint sealant on your windows and redo them, if necessary: if the seals are damaged, they can cause water leakage inside the house.
  • Make sure to store mosquito screens during the winter months.
  • To clean PVC windows, avoid using abrasive cleaners, but rather use products specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Protect wood surfaces (paint, stain and varnish) shortly after installing windows to prevent the wood to swell and change color.

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