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Casement Window

Casement windows, with their unique features, are perfect for maximum rigidity and energy efficiency. Thanks to exceptional design quality, casement windows are renowned for their versatility, and the expression of their beauty is limited only by your imagination.

large house stone front and window


  • 4 1/2” multi-chamber PVC extrusion frame
  • PVC extrusion sash
  • Weather stripping: 2 on the frame and 1 on the shutter
  • Multi-point lock
  • Articulated drive mechanism
  • Opens to 90˚ for easy cleaning
  • Folding crank
  • Screen with overlap system
  • Sealed glass
  • Built-in drywall and wood return


  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Vast selection of exterior COLOURS
  • GRILLE (integrated)
  • Exterior moldings
  • Interior jamb extension with or without covering depending on the thickness required
  • Selection of GLASS
  • All PVC
  • Hybrid (either exterior aluminum and PVC or wood veneer interior)
  • Aluminum interior and exterior


  • C.C.M.C A-440 standards
  • Air tightness: A-3
  • Water resistance: B-7
  • Wind-load resistance: C-4

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